June 20, 2016


'The Fighter & The Kid' Hosts Explain Origins, Getting Sensitive on Wildly Successful Podcast

Every month, millions tune in and download The Fighter & The Kid podcast. The series has found such success by bringing together comedian Bryan Callen and UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, who talk everything from sports news and fighting, to going deep with their audience on more sensitive subjects like when Schaub gave a tearful fighting retirement speech. 

The Fighter & The Kid was the perfect opportunity for both hosts, they admit. Brendan says he was always looking for another avenue in the entertainment world:

"Fighting wasn't my passion, I was just good at it. When it came down to actually fighting, I was terrified, man. For me, once I saw a little bit of light of doing something else that I loved in entertainment, I fricken burst through that door. It wasn't even 'Ah, well, we should still fight a little longer...' Heck no, I'm going to run with this. I was just lucky Bryan gave me that window."

Or as Bryan summed up a little more bluntly: "I hooked up with a cage fighter rand it turned out to be the best decision in my entertainment career."

The duo also say they don't think about their huge listenership in terms of numbers, but in terms of "How much further is there to go?" Brendan adds, "We have nothing to push on you, we're just ourselves...it's real, you feel like you know us."

Watch the full interview above and then don't miss when we gave Bryan and Brendan a polygraph test that included a lot of questions about wangs. Be sure to check out all of Fuse's different podcasts, which dive into hip-hop, pop culture, K-pop, pop music and more.