June 19, 2016


The Wombats' Matthew Murphy Talks Finding Success in The States

The Wombats have been around for quite a while now—thirteen years to be exact!—but according to frontman Matthew Murphy, the band is finally starting to accrue success in the states. Fuse sat down with the British singer, guitarist and keyboardist at Firefly Music Festival, and the Liverpool native talked about The Wombats' current trip throughout the U.S. (Hint: It's been good). 

"Festivals, theaters, small venues, acoustic radio shows—we're really whoring ourselves out on this one," Murphy said. He also detailed some the band's plans (or lack thereof) when it comes to releasing a follow-up to 2015's Glitterbug. "I don't think we're necessarily gonna drop an album next year or the year after, we might do like a series of EPs or put it up on the internet; if people like it then they like it."

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