June 8, 2016


Zara Larsson Explains That 'Lush Life' Is a 'Summer Song': Watch

Zara Larsson is the future of pop so you'd be smart to get on board. She's also our latest Fuse First artist (you know, the kind that are just our most favorite) so we spent a bunch of time with the young musician, getting to know what makes her tick. In our latest interview with the cool chanteuse, we discuss "Lush Life," one of her most recent singles. She told us:

"'Lush Life' was such a big hit in Europe. We released 'Lush Life' before 'Never Forget You' so that was the summer jam...To me, it was really flying. We weren't really focusing on America at that time."

She remains optimistic:

"It might come back around because it's such a great song, especially for summer. Maybe I'll do a remix with an American artist. You never know."

This interview was done around the time a "Lush Life" dancehall remix with Tinie Tempah was released.

Watch it above. Up next: watch another original Fuse interview with our fave Zara, below, where she discusses feminism.