July 1, 2016


Adrian Grenier: Filming 'Marauders' Movie Felt 'A Little Dangerous'

July is here, and so is the new Bruce Willis heist movie Marauders. Co-starring with your main man are Christopher Meloni, the WWE's Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Adrian Grenier. 

The Entourage actor swung by Fuse to talk about making the flick, saying, "It's about this big conspiracy amongst the wealthy, and at the end, the rich will pay. I think it's a really relevant theme in today's era."

Watch Grenier break it down in the video above.

Director Steven C. Miller (Silent Night, the also-Willis-starring Extraction) filmed Marauders in 16 days. "It was high-intensity, there was never a dull moment," Grenier says. "It felt very raw and real. We shot so quickly that it felt a little dangerous, actually."

Marauders is now in theaters and available on video-on-demand; watch the trailer below.