July 7, 2016


#TBT 2010: Remember Amy Schumer's Co-Hosting Gig With Mark Hoppus?

If you're lusting for the days when Mark Hoppus had his own show on Fuse, with Amy Schumer as the co-host, well, today's your lucky day!

For this episode of #TBT, we're reaching back into the Fuse vault to bring you an old video clip from Hoppus on Music. Oh my gosh! Are you so excited?

Well, if you are, then watch the video above, where Schumer (pre-Trainwreck and everything!) runs down the latest music news, including some Snooki and Meg White disses.

And then, take a trip down memory lane and watch a previous episode of #TBT where Beck talks about his ~new~ album Guero.