July 26, 2016


Tyler Posey, All Time Low, Good Charlotte Pick Favorite Albums of 2016 (So Far)

Your friends at Fuse have already compiled our favorite albums of 2016 so far to celebrate getting halfway through the year, but what do you care about our opinions?! Wouldn't you rather hear what actual musicians have to say?

That's exactly why we asked everyone at the 2016 APMAs last Monday to declare their top-played LP. Here's a taste of their answers!

A Day to Remember - Bear Tooth's Aggressive
Good CharlotteBig Boi and Phantogram's Big GramsDeftones' Gore, Waterparks' Cluster EP
All Time LowBlink-182's California
Machine Gun Kelly - Blink-182's California

Watch the video to see what everyone says, and then check out our interview with Of Men and Men from the APMAs below: