July 7, 2016


DENM Spins an Electro-Pop Dream With 'Under Pressure': Exclusive Premiere

Diamonds are formed by heavy pressure, and "Under Pressure" is the new electro-pop gem that you need to start spinning in the midst of the hazy days of summer.

Following up "LIT," which has nearly a half-million plays on Soundcloud, DENM's second single is the euphoric-yet-melancholic cut "Under Pressure" that's the type of breezy, sexy dance joints one craves in the July heat. It isn't a full-fledged, sweaty banger, but instead the Santa Barbara musician brings a subtle, throbbing pop element that's helped the likes of Zhu and The Chainsmokers break past dance-music fans.

Premiering exclusively on Fuse, "Under Pressure" gets its reveal via a trippy, SoCal-inspired visual that further solidifies the sexy, sleek aesthetic DENM's created. 

Despite the dreamy soundscape he's created, DENM tells Fuse there was a darker inspiration behind the new track. "This song was actually written out of a pretty heavy place," he shares. "I was in the middle of a pretty deep depression at the time. I was basically just sick of it and wanted to just cut loose and dance away the darkness."

Dance away, you will. Look out for DENM's debut EP, Dreamhouse, to drop soon. In the meantime, check out Fuse's DJ Equality mini-doc that looks at the representation of men and women in dance music below: