July 28, 2016


My First Gig: Eva Shaw 'Could Barely Hear Anything' Her First Time DJing

DJ Eva Shaw, formerly known as Bambi, may be a familiar face in major clubs of New York, Miami and even her hometown of Toronto, but everyone gets their start somewhere. The gorgeous Canadian started out walking the runway as a model, but when dance music called, she answered.

Her first DJ gig wasn't just a small club, it was the even-smaller patio of a small Toronto club. Above, watch as Shaw remembers the less-than-desirable setup for one of her first jobs as a DJ. The important thing is she had fun, kept at it, and, considering her work with the likes of Calvin Harris and Tiësto, it definitely paid off.

Below, watch Eva Shaw breakdown her catchy new single "Rise N Shine" and reveal more about an upcoming collaboration with Sean Paul and Shaggy: