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Famous Advice: Adrian Grenier Shares Practical Acting Tips

If a scene involves drops of tears, you might just have to poke yourself in the eye

Revered by millions for his role as Vince on Entourage, Adrian Grenier knows a thing or two about on-screen brilliance. The 40-year-old industry veteran shared his favorite acting tips that help him achieve maximum results in a short span of time.

Recalling a scene from The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, Grenier learned from co-star Margaret Colin that the most efficient way to shed a single tear is to...poke yourself in the eye.

He also shouts out Dustin Hoffman and the late Laurence Olivier.

For insight into Grenier's latest project, Marauders, check out the actor's rundown of what it was like shooting the film in merely 16 days:

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