July 15, 2016


Famous Advice: Fitz and the Tantrums Once Received Wise Words from Daryl Hall

Before joining the bills of major music festivals, rising acts like Generik, Gallant, Pell and others received plenty of encouragement and career advice from industry veterans.

At Firefly Music Festival, indie pop band Fitz and the Tantrums recalled a crucial moment when Daryl Hall advised them to stay true to their music, regardless of what "outside parties" might say.

"People can hate on [a song], and it ends up being the biggest thing in the world," vocalist Noelle Scaggs tells Fuse.

Alternative rock group Night Riots also shared their "recipe for success" for rookie bands, advising musicians to team up with people they actually like. Key words.

And for those who yearn for technical advice, Civil Twilight ensure young guitarists that playing "a whole year of shows without any pedals" will prove extremely useful in the long run.