July 20, 2016


Farewell, My Love Embraces Change on 'Above It All': Album Premiere

No doubt about it: Farewell, My Love isn't the same band fans remember when the Phoenix outfit hit the emo scene in 2011. That was clear when drummer Chad Kowal took on the vocal duties in 2014, but even more so today, with the group revamping their look and sound for their most sonically ambitious record to date.

Premiering exclusively on Fuse in its entirety, sophomore album Above It All isn't just an experiment for the band, but essential for their future. 

"Something we believe in as a band is that progression is necessary with every record," Farewell, My Love tell Fuse in a statement. "We felt like the new music called for an image that was a little less dark and something that accentuates our personalities as individuals. This new album is the most personal piece of music we have ever written so it only felt right to have a look that expressed ourselves on a more personal level."

The band also shared details on the creation and production process for their sophomore LP:

"When recording Above It All, we were very particular about it sounding as authentic and organic as possible. We involved a lot of different instruments in this record such as piano, mandolin, trumpet, cello and more. We made sure that all of those parts were recorded live to create a better, more real sound than any computer could."

Above It All officially drops on July 22 and follows up their 2014 EP Wrapped Up in Pinstripes. The LP is available for pre-order on Farewell, My Love's official site and iTunes. See the tracklist along with the video for "Never Stop" below:

1. Welcome to the Beginning
2. Burn Out the Night
3. Crazy
4. Maybe I
5. Inside a Nightmare
6. Make Believe
7. Last Goodbye
8. Skip the Memories II
9. Above It All
10. Don't Wait For Me
11. Hit or Miss
12. Never Stop
13. Who Are You