July 25, 2016


Watch MGK Remember That Time He Got Stuck in an Elevator with Diddy

Machine Gun Kelly HATES elevators, as evidenced by this tweet:

And as evidenced by the story he told us about getting stuck in an elevator with Diddy in Las Vegas on New Years' Eve. The rapper, who came by the Fuse studios to talk about his role in the movie Nerve, recounted the tale of how he escaped a broken elevator with his Bad Boy Records boss.

"I've been stuck in an elevator five times," MGK told us (it's true—again, reference his Twitter feed). His 25 minutes with Cassie, D-Roc and Boo was no joke. "When we pressed the help button, they all thought we were drunk idiots playing around on the elevator, so they didn't send help."

MGK told us the harrowing story about how he got out, so watch the video above to learn more and to get the scoop on how his part in the Emma Roberts- and Dave Franco-starring Nerve was written just for him.

"He is the antagonist, but there is a fun twist at the end," MGK said about his character. "I think Ty is a pretty iconic character in the movie, and every time you think he's gone for good, he just comes right back."

Then this throwback interview with MGK about what he thinks of people who say he sold out: