July 30, 2016


Watch Martin Garrix Talk His Collaboration with Bebe Rexha at Lollapalooza

One of the most exciting things about attending a festival is hearing a song live for the first time. At LollapaloozaMartin Garrix surprised fans by bringing out Bebe Rexha for their newly-released "In the Name of Love" collaboration. But ahead of the Dutch DJ's performance, he recalled the recording experience.

"Bebe and I had a lot of contact on FaceTime. I wasn't there when she recorded it, so she FaceTime'd me I think every 15 minutes to say how excited she was about the song," he told us. Garrix also revealed that his debut album is finished and will be dropping soon.

The 20-year-old said, "It's easier to tell a story with an album than with just one single. For me, that was the most fun part. I've been combining all these styles and trying out new weird stuff, which I don't know if it even fits. And I love it."

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