July 30, 2016


Watch Perry Farrell Reminisce About Lollapalooza’s Origins

Perry Farrell has been going forward with Lollapalooza for 25 years now. Fuse sat down with the festival founder backstage at Lollapalooza 2016 and he shared some details of the festival's origins—evening reminiscing on an early Lollapalooza performance from Black Flag. “Every Lollapalooza act since has had to go and follow Henry Rollins,” Farrell said of the frontman’s legacy.

Farrell also spoke about the 1990 Jane’s Addiction record Ritual De Lo Habitual. Of its inception he said: 

“It was recorded back in a day when I had a lot of time to write music, and think about music, and think about stage presentation, and the art form of theater. The height of when a young man gets to dream, think, imagine, and create.”

To keep up with all the Lollapalooza antics, head over to watch the livestream all weekend. Check out an interview with Melanie Martinez talk about her epic video plan at the festival below: