July 26, 2016


Watch Rapper Rittz's Intimate Interview on Cocaine Addiction & 'Just Say No' Song

Rittz, the 35-year-old George native and indie rapper whose album Top of the Line dropped this past spring, hasn't had an easy journey. In the intimate interview above, the Strange Music signee explains the deep, dark meaning behind the song "Just Say No." Watch as Rittz talks about struggling with addiction since teenager-hood and how it came to a head on a recent tour with Yelawolf, when an infected nose sent him to the hospital.

"People struggle with different addictions and things, and that's another part of me letting them in to shit that happened to me," Rittz tells Fuse. "And that's the thing about me as an artist, you never know what's gonna happen."

He does get to the brighter side of things, though, like getting control of the substance abuse and getting married.

Next, watch Rittz talk about Top of the Line, his third album: