July 20, 2016


Set It Off Get Their Inspiration From... *NSYNC?! Warped Tour Interview

One might presume that a Warped Tour band wouldn't get caught dead listening to turn-of-the-century boy banders *NSYNC. But you'd be presuming incorrectly.

When Fuse hooked up with Set It Off at Warped Tour earlier this month, we learned that the Tampa-based band took a lot of inspiration from *NSYNC for their latest LP.

"I think, melodically, just how they write their songs, they're so catchy. They set a huge standard, as far as I'm concerned, for what catchy is. Especially [they songs] they wrote with Max Martin, who wrote every Top 40 song ever. They've got spunk."

Oh hey, and speaking of Warped Tour, watch this throwback video of Against Me! chatting about it: