July 7, 2016


The Used on Legalizing Marijuana & Their Charity Work: Video Interview

Marijuana is slowly becoming legal in various states across the country, but The Used would like for the plant to be decriminalized everywhere. In this new Fuse interview, the emo band explains to us the medicinal benefits. Frontman Bert McCracken says:

"I think there's been a stigma surrounding marijuana that has to end and will end with the obvious information, the truth that exists about marijuana is just... The things that medical marijuana has achieved so far is incredible and we should really take a look at the evidence. For kids who have epileptic fits all day who don't have them anymore."

Below, The Used dive into their partnership with the charity Living The Dream. The organization helps to "bring kids with all kinds of sicknesses out to rock shows where they stand on the side of the stage and hang out with the band." Along with that, the band is prepping their 15-year anniversary tour that kicks off on Aug. 16. Check out more details here.