July 29, 2016


Trapt Song Premiere: Hear the Hard-Charging ‘Castaway’

On Aug. 19, Trapt returns with a new album, DNA, an emotional new lane for the group best known for hits like “Headstrong” and “Bring It.” “Castaway” represents one of the standouts from the LP, and Fuse is happy to give fans an exclusive first listen of the new track.

DNA follows 2013’s Reborn album, as well as The Acoustic Collection from 2014, and marks a lyrical shift for the longtime hard rockers. “Castaway” follows well-received songs like “Human (Like The Rest Of Us)” and “It’s Over” from the forthcoming full-length.

“’Castaway’ is a song about isolation and longing for a time when everything was the way you wanted it to be,” says the group’s Chris Taylor Brown. “It's also a song about hope, hope that one day the person you miss so much will find you and bring you back."

Click here to pre-order DNA on iTunes, and sound off on “Castaway” in the comments below!