August 18, 2016


CL Describes Meeting Method Man at the ‘Lifted’ Music Video Shoot

When CL sat down to make a new solo song on New Year’s Day, she put on the video for Wu-Tang Clan’s classic single “Method Man” and unwittingly found inspiration. Now that “Lifted,” which interpolates “Method Man” and features the Wu-Tang MC in the video, has been unveiled, we’re happy to share a recent chat with CL in which she describes meeting Johnny Blaze on the set.

“When I met Method Man at the video shoot, he was like, ‘So you pulled up our video and that’s how you started, right?’” CL recalls. “And I was like, “Yeah, how do you know?’ … But that’s how he did it.”

Watch above for more with the rising star, then check out CL giving us a tutorial in selfie style: