August 4, 2016


Disney Brings Back 16-Bit 'Aladdin,' 'Lion King' Games & More

Those classic bleeps and bloops never sounded so good.  

Disney has announced that it will bring back the 16-bit versions of former computer games for Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book—you know, those same ones you played on your video game console back in the day. In case you don't recall the pixelated artwork and intensely hyper music soundtracks, Aladdin and Lion King were available on Super Nintendo, while The Jungle Book was on Sega Genesis. The new games are available for PC, Mac and Linux.

Get thrown way back with the games' official trailer above.

Entertainment Weekly reports that all three titles maintain their original 16-bit graphics, sound, and gameplay. They're each $9.99 or less, or you could buy all three for $19.99 on

Watch nerdcore rapper Sammus reveal her Top 5 favorite video game soundtracks below: