August 29, 2016


Hayley Kiyoko Explains Why Sometimes You Just Need to Dance in Front of Your Crushes

Hayley Kiyoko is the most relatable girl out there. With songs like "Girls like Girls" and her recently released "Gravel to Tempo," she's telling the story of every abashed teen who follows their passion—no matter when their preference is.

So when Kiyoko stopped by Fuse, she waxed poetic about her new music, and it hit us right in the heart:

"So many people, we are dependent on approval, from your parents or your crushes or your friends, and as you grow older—I'm not like this wise man—you become wiser and realize, 'Oh, I just need to love myself.' And then nobody else's opinion really remembers."

Kiyoko's Citrine EP comes out soon. Until then, listen to "Gravel to Tempo" below and then watch our Facebook Live with the singer/actor.