August 16, 2016


JoJo Explains Why ‘F-ck Apologies’ is ‘A Good Message for Young Women’

“Fuck Apologies,” JoJo’s new single with Wiz Khalifa and the first taste of her upcoming album Mad Love, is a song that both reintroduces a pop phenom and updates her tone for a more mature audience. JoJo tells Fuse that the track also offers “a good message for young women” about understanding that it’s okay not to apologize for everything.

“It’s more a feeling,” says the pop singer-songwriter. “It’s not necessarily about a breakup. It’s a feeling of, normally it’s easier to just say I’m sorry and take the blame. … Instead of taking the sometimes easier way out, not apologizing unless you really mean it. It’s as simple as that.”

Watch above for more with JoJo, including her explanation as to why Wiz is a “rock star,” and learn more about Mad Love below: