August 25, 2016


Watch Jessica Alba & Jason Statham Detail Their ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ Pump-Up Music

To star in a high-adrenaline action flick like Mechanic: Resurrection, you need some high-BPM music to get you pumped up for your most intense sequences. Jason Statham and Jessica Alba, who star in the sequel to 2011's The Mechanic, spoke with Fuse about what tunes get them in the mindset for their respective roles.

Statham, an action vet, doesn’t necessarily have an on-set playlist, but Alba is all about the new Drake tracks. “‘One Dance’ or ‘Pop Style,’” she says, “which is a really tough action-sequence song.”

Watch above for more with Statham and Alba, including Jason answering the age-old “favorite on-screen killing method” question! Mechanic: Resurrection, also starring Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh, hits theaters on Friday, Aug. 26; check out the official trailer below: