August 17, 2016


Watch Lewis Del Mar, Mario, Colette Carr & More Share Their Favorite Things

We all have leisure activities we enjoy on our down time. Hobbies that give us serenity, whether they are watching a show, handy work or being one with nature. In this Fuse video, we asked a few artists to share their favorite things they like to do apart from music.

In case you didn't know pop artist, Colette Carr is a huge fan of Pokémon and Gilmore Girls. "And then recently discovered Gilmore Girls. I know right? took me this long, but what a great show and it makes me eat really bad because they can eat whatever they want on they show and they don't gain any weight," says the Los Angeles artist. 

Watch to see Colette Carr, Lewis Del Mar, Mario, Rooney and Barenaked Ladies share their favorites things above. Then watch the American folk-pop duo, Lewis Del Mar discuss their breakout single, "Loud(y)" below: