August 31, 2016


My First Obsession: Anthrax, Memphis May Fire & More Talk Childhood Fandoms

In this week's installment of My First Obsession, Fuse tracked down some of metal's biggest acts to find out what these hardcore musicians' childhood passions were—and a few were rather, um, unexpected.

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello admitted that he had a serious thing for Mary Tyler Moore, who was "so hot even back then."

While the Halestorm and Miss May I fellas listed classic childhood obsessions like baseball cards, comic books and Power Rangers figurines, Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins revealed his fascination with girls' ponytails.

"I never had a phase where I thought girls were icky or had cooties. I think I came out—I was born or whatever—and, probably, the nurse that took me had a ponytail," he tells Fuse.

Watch as other metal musicians think back to their first obsessions, and then check out Andy Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder talk about being a math nerd: