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My First Obsession: Anthrax, Memphis May Fire & More Talk Childhood Fandoms

Your favorite metal bands reveal their early fascinations with Power Rangers, chicks with ponytails, and Mary Tyler Moore

In this week's installment of My First Obsession, Fuse tracked down some of metal's biggest acts to find out what these hardcore musicians' childhood passions were—and a few were rather, um, unexpected.

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello admitted that he had a serious thing for Mary Tyler Moore, who was "so hot even back then."

While the Halestorm and Miss May I fellas listed classic childhood obsessions like baseball cards, comic books and Power Rangers figurines, Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins revealed his fascination with girls' ponytails.

"I never had a phase where I thought girls were icky or had cooties. I think I came out—I was born or whatever—and, probably, the nurse that took me had a ponytail," he tells Fuse.

Watch as other metal musicians think back to their first obsessions, and then check out Andy Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder talk about being a math nerd:

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