August 24, 2016


Watch Otep’s Intimate Interview on Being Gifted a Fan’s Ashes

Not every artist is given the remains of a devoted fan during a meet-and-greet, but then again, not every artist’s music showcases the deep emotional connection of Otep’s output. In this intimate interview, Otep Shamaya discusses a moving incident in which the mother of a fan who died of suicide came up to her at a fan event and presented her daughter’s ashes, per her daughter’s request.

“I wish I could have spoken to her,” Otep says of the deceased fan. “I think that’s my biggest regret—I wish I could have just talked to her and more than anything, I would have just listened.”

And of course, Otep would have offered a message of hope. “It always gets better,” she concludes. “I’m living proof of that.”

Watch above for the full, heartbreaking story, and then check out Otep discussing the Generation Doom album below: