August 17, 2016


Simple Plan Discuss Experimentation on 'Taking One For the Team' Album

The pop-punk revival is going strong this year, and it includes one of your favorite bands from your angsty teen days—Simple Plan. The French-Canadian act stopped by the Fuse studios to dive how they explored various sounds on their new album Taking One For the Team.

"We have maybe three or four songs on the record that are something that if you heard, you wouldn't guess that it's from Simple Plan. In some ways, our newest record is our heaviest and our most pop-punk record we've had from our beginnings," Pierre Bouvier said. "It's fun for us to experiment with different things. Like I discovered on this record that David's an amazing funk bass player."

Below, Simple Plan reveal the ongoing international tragedies that led to writing their lead single "Singing In the Rain." After watching that, take this quiz to find out which song from the band best describes you.