August 22, 2016


The Used on How the Music Industry Has Changed 15 Years Later: Interview

The music industry has shifted greatly since our wide-eyed teen days, from ripping our favorite tracks off file-sharing sites like Napster and Limewire to frantically streaming an album exclusively on Apple MusicThe Used, who have been in the rock game for 15 years, have noticed these changes and reflect on them in this Fuse interview.

"It was just the beginning of music on the internet, putting a bunch of songs on Since then, music has been very, very accessible," Bert McCracken explains. "There's been a shift in how people see music and art and artists in general, and I think it has to do with that systematic advertising brainwash.

The band then jokingly predicts they'll be still touring well into their 90s. They are currently on an anniversary tour, which kicked off on Aug. 16, where they play 2002's Self-Titled and 2004's In Love In Death in their entirety.

For more of The Used, check out the band revealing their favorite classic records below: