August 1, 2016


Watch Third Eye Blind Talk 'Cop vs. Phone Girl' at Lollapalooza 2016

Third Eye Blind's on a lot of folks' minds right now, and Fuse was lucky to catch up with frontman Stephan Jenkins at Lollapalooza 2016. Hot off "one of the best festival sets we've ever had," Jenkins walked Fuse through his feelings about Lolla, his band's upcoming EP We Are Drugs and the new #BlackLivesMatter-referencing song "Cop vs. Phone Girl."

Watch our Lollapalooza interview with Jenkins up top, and read our recent conversation about "Cop vs. Phone Girl" and the 2016 election—where you'll hear how the Republican Party “has been shanghaied by a grifter, and their platform has been written by cavemen"—right over here.

For more Third Eye Blind action, check out this interview from the Fuse vault: