August 8, 2016


Tonight Alive on What Makes Warped Tour So Special: Video Interview

Tonight Alive are no strangers to Warped Tour, so we caught up with the Australian rock band at this year's festival to see what makes it so special. "There's a lot of opportunities for fans to get really close and involved with everyone," lead guitarist Whakaio Taahi told us.

"I think what Kevin [the founder of Warped Tour] does with switching up the bands is fantastic and great for the fans," he continued.

The band also dove into their new album Limitless, which was released in March. After their A&R said it initially sounded like their previous record, they tell us the push for a musical change was good for them.

After watching Tonight Alive, see the band (and a few others) share the craziest things they've seen at Warped Tour below: