September 15, 2016


This Is How a DCI Marimbist Rolls: Watch

For those who may not know, the front ensemble of DCI mainly consists of the mallet percussion instruments. The wooden barred marimba, seen in the video above, is struck by mallets to make an unique sound ... sometimes at lightning speed.

One Clash of the Corps marimba player, Marisa Spevak, talks about how Drum Corps can be life-changing:

"I definitely don't think people understand what Drum Corps actually takes out of you. Not just emotionally, not just mentally, but physically. It ignited a spark in me when I was at a very, very young age and I would say it's created my whole identity."

Watch the Blue Devils front ensemble as they majestically roll their mallets across the marimba boards before their Minneapolis show and see how you can join the Blue Devils here.

Once you're done getting familiar with how the marimba section rehearses—check out what you can expect on the new series of Clash of the Corps below:

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