October 6, 2016


'Clash of the Corps' Deleted Scene: Yesenia Gives Financial Advice to Mia

It's 15 days until tour for the Blue Devils, which means crunch time, plus a scramble to keep up with the corps, while still maintaining a job to cover tour expenses. In this web-exclusive Clash of the Corps deleted scene, Blue Devils members discuss the struggle it takes not only to have the talent and motivation, but also the means to keep up with drum corps fees.

Yesenia Posadas, Mia Mejia and other Blue Devils color guard members express the challenges of being in drum corps and balancing their finances. Yesenia juggles two jobs on the side during off season and it's no walk in the park. Watch Yesenia give a fellow color guard friend, Mia, advice on how she can make ends meet while being in the corps. 

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