September 10, 2016


Justine Skye Talks Fan Reactions to New Music: Watch

After giving a killer performance and lighting up the stage at Budweiser's Made in AmericaJustine Skye sat down with Fuse and discussed her festival experience. 

The Brooklyn-bred songstress is a natural to when it comes to performances, but expresses she wasn't sure how her fans would receive the new music she wanted to share during her set. With the energy, love and support from her label, Roc Nation, Skye felt right at home as her fans cheered on. 

"And then some songs I'm like—I'm just gonna smile and have fun with my dancers on stage and my band is amazing, the crowd is amazing. There's so much love. I just gotta take it in and just like get in the zone real quick," says the purple-hued 21-year-old when describing how she performs. 

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