September 23, 2016


Kayla Brianna Describes the Value of Being an Independent Artist

Kayla Brianna, the daughter of retired basketball player Kenny Smith, is ready to step out of her father's shadow with her own music career. The singer stopped by Fuse to discuss both the struggles and benefits of being an independent artist.

"There's things I need to get done, so I feel like if anything it's an added pressure because I'm doing this on my own," the former Meet The Smiths reality show star says. "I think creatively, not being with a label is more beneficial for me because I'm able to put out a song tomorrow. I don't have to get approval from anyone."

Watch above as she details her debut EP (out next year) and the possibilities of starring in a spinoff reality show with her sister. After that, check out our roundup of breakout artists to watch this fall.