September 30, 2016


Kyng Reveal How Their Hispanic Heritage Influences Their Music

While Kyng has been known as a Los Angeles metal band for a while, drummer Pepe Clarke reigns from Mexican border town Juárez. And when the guys by Fuse at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, it was only appropriate to talk about how growing up with that influence helped shape their music.

"I think where you grow up effects what you play," Clarke told us. "You have an accent on your instrument, kind of like how you talk and I feel like my accent is very much from the U.S.-Mexico border."

Singer Eddie Veliz grew up in East L.A. with a mother from Mexico and a father from Cuba. He found he had to search a little harder to discover metal influences in his neighborhood, taking his musical curiosities to the trash, where he found his first Black Sabbath album.

Kyng's third album, Breathe in the Water, is out Oct. 7. Watch Kyng talk about their album below, and read more about Fuse's Future Hispanic History Month.