September 8, 2016


Sir the Baptist Wants to Bring a 'Holistic Journey Back to Hip-Hop': Interview

Sir the Baptist is one of the few rappers in the game who is unafraid to boldly discuss religion in his music. For his upcoming album (out this month), the Chicago native plans to continue fusing hip-hop with gospel overtones. He explained the purpose behind the album with us at Philly's Made in America festival.

"What I wanted to do is take all the superstars you love and then be like, 'Oh I want you to go to church though.' Like DMX praying for you type of going back to church. People are like 'Whoa I'm getting chills, what is this?'" he said. "Like that's what your grandma wanted you to have. You can still have that cool stuff, but have something to live for."

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