September 21, 2016


Mario on Testing His Creativity with 'I Need More' Video: Interview

Mario is known for wooing the ladies with sweet and romantic tunes, but now the R&B artist wants to switch up his style for his upcoming fifth album. He explains to Fuse why he decided to take a more artistic route for new single, "I Need More."

"I didn't want it to look like a cheap video. I wanted it to feel like a production because I'm taking such a big risk on the actual song and it being something that my fans probably didn't even want to hear from me," he told us. "I wanted the video to be a little more surprising, not just me at the club. I want people to start seeing my creative side."

The singer then dives into what we can expect from his next album, Paradise Cove, which will include sounds that people haven't heard from him yet. Ahead of its release, check out Mario's "I Need More" video below. 

After that, watch the singer, along with A$AP Ferg and Jay Sean, reveal their first obsessions.