Pitbull Details New Song 'Options' With Stephen Marley: Exclusive

Last week, Pitbull revealed that Jennifer Lopez would feature on his upcoming Climate Change album, on what sounds like a future hit in "Sexy Body," and now the superstar rapper is telling us about a new collaboration that he says is "one of my favorite, if not the favorite song on the album."

Ahead of his upcoming Fuse interivew special Pitbull: Beyond Worldwide, Pit tells us all about "Options" featuring Stephen Marley. The rapper says the track is "very unexpected," adding that it boasts "a different vibe" than his past material.

"Bob [Marley] is someone I've looked up to for a number of years," he says. "It's an honor to have this opportunity, but [Stephen] is also someone who I've seen raise his family, his estate and his empire under the radar with nothing but respect. It's something I look forward to and would love to apply with my family and business."