September 16, 2016


Pooch Hall Previews 'Ray Donovan' Season Finale: 'We're Gonna Lose Some People'

Showtime's Ray Donovan has its Season 4 finale this Sunday, Sept. 18, and actor Pooch Hall is spilling a little of what to expect. "It's gonna get heavy, it's gonna get ugly. We're gonna lose some people," he tells Fuse in the interview above, while also assuring that he'll be back for Season 5.

Hall plays Daryll Donovan on the Liev Schreiber–starring show about the titular Hollywood fixer. "I'm the black brother, the black sheep, because I play Daryll, his half-brother," he explains. "I'm trying to find my place in this Irish Mob family." 

Hall, who spent seven years on BET's The Game, also explains the stress of reading a script to make sure you haven't been killed off. Then, in the clip below, he explains how Ray Donovan would fix up Ryan Lochte's situation in Rio, Kanye West's bad New York Fashion Week controversy and Tiger Woods' infidelity: