September 29, 2016


Sevyn Streeter Talks 'Girl Disrupted' Album & Overcoming a Breakup: Interview

Sevyn Streeter has always kept it real when it comes to her music, which is why she remains one of the exciting faces in R&B. The singer, who is prepping the release of her debut album Girl Disrupted next year, had an honest chat with Fuse about love, relationships and new music.

Sevyn recently switched up her sound on her latest "Prolly" single featuring Gucci Mane, whom she says took the song to another level. "I love the fact that he spoke his truth," the singer told us before explaining how featured artists inspire her to make their collaborations better.

What makes Sevyn so relatable is how candid she is about relationships, and she used music to help recover from her breakup with rapper B.o.B.: 

"It was the beginning of me realizing I have to approach men and relationships in a different way. Even though you go through breakups, at least for me, nothing's gonna ever make me give up on the idea or the possibility of love...Music has always been my therapy, I think it will be like that 'til the day I die. It really became my therapy in a way I never imagined."

After checking out the interview above, watch a throwback Fuse video where Sevyn reveals her favorite R&B album of all time: