September 23, 2016


'Uproarious' Comedians Share Their Genius Dating Hacks

When it comes to dating and relationships, everyone needs a bit of advice from time to time—and the Uproarious stars are here to help.

Channeling their inner love doctors, comedians Gabe Dinger, Pat Brown, Reggie Conquest and more provided the audience with expert dating advice. While some offered simple tidbits like "When in doubt, pull your dick out," others focused on trust, sincerity, and (dis)honesty.

"[OkCupid] is great because you can be dishonest right away, so the other person knows they're meeting a liar," Dinger explains. "I like the immediacy of the dishonesty."

Brown, on the other hand, emphasized trust. "If [they] can't leave their phone in front of you, you don't need that person as a partner. You cannot trust them. They got bodies buried somewhere."

And if you're Orlando Leyba, just "take the L" when your woman yells at you and keep it moving.

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