September 30, 2016


Abby Rosenquist, Joey Bragg & More Get Real About the Opposite Sex

Ask someone to gripe about the opposite sex, and you're more than likely to hear a laundry list of complaints.

When it comes to what frustrates her most about guys, comedian Abby Rosenquist just can't get over "how easy" and "low maintenance" penises are. "Like, vaginas are just so sensitive. You have to be worried about anything that gets near it," she explains.

Regardless of how easy having a penis seems, funnyman Joey Bragg apparently did not have an easy time getting women's attention back in the day. Clearly still salty, he hits back with, "I hope you earn as much as men at one point."

And perhaps the sentiment echoed by millions of women—Janelle James succinctly concludes, "Chivalry is dead."

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