September 12, 2016


Young M.A Isn't in a Rush to Get Signed

Young M.A is a rising artist bringing a fresh female perspective to the Brooklyn rap game, and she's glad to do it all on her own terms. The rapper stopped by the Fuse offices to discuss why getting signed to a major label isn't a focus right now.

"It's hard for me to trust things, it's hard for me to jump into something so fast without knowing much more about it," she says. "I guess basically that's the reason why I'm not jumping the gun into getting signed."

The rapper also talks about being selective with song features. "I just want people to know that I can build me by being me and only me. I don't need nobody else to make me hot," she explains.

Get into Young M.A.'s music by checking out her debut "OOOUUU" single in this Dope $h!t playlist on FM.