October 19, 2016


Masked Madmen of Amerakin Overdose Explain Their 'Kinky' Brand of Metal: Video

Portland, Ore.'s masked metallers Amerakin Overdose dropped by Fuse recently, and once we recovered from them scaring the shit out of us, we had a great chat! Watch above as all four members, in full stage-ready regalia, tell us about the new album The Great Amerakin Dream, how they're influenced by dance, pop, dubstep influences, and why their sound is best described as "kinky slutty metal." They also explain why they don't exactly fit in up there in Portland.

At the 9:15 mark below, listen to Korn's Brian "Head" Welch talk to the Back of the Class podcast about nu-metal's intersection with hip-hop in the '90s—and whether Follow the Leader's Fred Durst/Jonathan Davis rap battle holds up: