October 7, 2016


Anthony Green Reveals How His Wife Helped With His Mental Health Issues: Interview

Anthony Green hasn't been one to hide his personal struggles, which is what makes him so relatable with fans. Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10, the rock star opened up to Fuse about his mental health and how his wife, Meredith, helped him cope.

"After a few years of us being together, it was apparent I was having mental health issues," the Circa Survive frontman reveals. "I feel no embarrassment about that either, because I think people who are embarrassed by it end up not dealing with it in an appropriate way."

The singer goes on to explain that his wife was supportive of him going to therapy, and how that made the couple stronger. "She was very much like, 'Hey this needs to be something we figure out and change. Or I can't do this anymore,'" he tells us. "And that was a huge motivating factor for me."

Below, watch Green dissect his "You'll Be Fine" one-take music video: