October 13, 2016


Barcelona Critique Social Media With Shimmering Synth-Pop Single 'Lonely Holiday': Premiere

Barcelona's new album upcoming album is titled Basic Man, but these Seattle synth-pop dudes are out to prove they're anything but with this LP. 

They're making a good case for excellence with their new single "Lonely Holiday," which Fuse is proud to premiere. The cut opens with a chilled-out, lo-fi vibe before transforming into a shimmering waterfall of '80s synthesizers that sound could have been plucked from a different era. Don't miss lead singer Brian Fennell's tender croons and lyrics that hit you in the gut ("It's such a lonely holiday / When you're dancing alone") that might inspire a teardrop or two on the dancefloor.

"The song was inspired by women and men I know who, through the beauty of social media, portray themselves as living a carefree single life," Fennell tells Fuse for the track's inspiration. "For some reason, it always seems like they're on vacation, but also like they're very lonely. It's very fascinating to me."

Fans can dive deeper into Barcelona's stunning synths and fascinating social commentaries on Basic Man, which drops in full on Oct. 14.