October 21, 2016


TV Stars of 'Atlanta,' 'Gotham' & More Reveal Their Weird Fears

We're nearing Halloween, you scaredy cats, so at Fuse, we've been asking all our new friends to identify their weirdest fears. 

When they stopped by our studio, we asked Ray Donovan star Pooch Hall, Gotham's Cameron Bicondova and Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry what gave them the creeps.

"Around October, I don't mess with apples," Hall said. "I remember, my sister and I would be like, 'Don't eat apples. People put razor blades in them.'"

Meanwhile, Henry is pretty terrified of whales. "I don't understand whales because I don't understand how a whale could be the size of Manhattan and it's still out there, and people wanna pet them and take pictures with them."

Watch MGK tell a scary story about getting stuck in an elevator, below: