October 17, 2016


Blue Devils' Lead Trumpet Player Toots His Own Horn at Harrelson Trumpet Shop

Blue Devils member Javier Astorga is fresh out of a short Uber ride and stepping into Harrelson's trumpet shop in this scene from Clash of the Corps.

The hole-in-a-wall shop makes some of the best trumpets in the world, and Javier is one of most talented trumpet players in the Blue Devils. "I got my first trumpet my first semester in college. My parents took some of my scholarship money and they bought me the horn that I wanted at a horn shop in my hometown. And they had it shipped out to me in Boston," says the California native.

Watch Javier and friends explore the shop, see how the trumpets are designed and blow a few tunes solo. Then, get a sense of what DCI members miss most while on tour during the summer in the video below.