October 17, 2016


Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello: Superman Is the All-Time 'Best Punching Bag'

Writer/illustrator Frank Miller conscripted 100 Bullets wordsmith Brian Azzarello last year for a 14-years-later update to his beloved Dark Knight comic book saga. The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, launched its nine-issue arc last November, and Fuse had the chance to talk to its makers recently at New York Comic Con 2016.

Watch above as Miller and Azzarello talk about Kryptonite rain, what it's like to have Batman age, having a female character take the role of Robin and, duh, more Batman vs. Superman shenanigans. "Brian and I just love beatin' the snot outta Superman," Miller admits.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7 hits stores Wednesday, Oct. 19.

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