October 21, 2016


Elizabeth Reaser Says Filming 'Ouija: Origin of Evil' Was 'Psychologically Terrifying'

Ouija boards may or may not be our entryway to communicating with the dead, but Elizabeth Reaser says filming the latest movie based around the mysterious game gave her a rather haunting experience.

Playing widowed mother and fake séance holder Alice Zander in the upcoming Ouija: Origin of Evil movie (out Oct. 21), Reaser says that there were times filming that were "psychologically terrifying" that affected her day-to-day life. She explains:

"We shot in this very creepy house in Highland Park, Los Angeles; a very old, weird house. Whenever I went home, I would take an Ativan because I cannot sleep. Whenever you do a movie or play, it becomes a mantra unconsciously of what you're dealing with. I'm not saying I was a crazy person, but you can't pretend to do that all day long and then go home and not be nervous walking around your house!"

The Twilight and Grey's Anatomy actress adds the film further opened her eyes to the supernatural. "I used to not take Ouija boards seriously," she adds. "I'm of the mind that anything is possible. There are people that I've known that have had actual ghost [encounters] and I know certain people have had things happen. If you open your mind to that possibility, it can be both wonderful and terrifying."

Ouija: Origin of Evil hits theaters Friday, Oct. 21. Watch the ridiculously scary trailer below: